The War Comes Home in THQ’S Homefront

The War Comes Home in THQ’S Homefront Baseball Fields, Strip Malls and Suburban Neighbourhoods Become Battlefields in Kaos Studios’ Brand New Shooter for Xbox 360, Playstation3 and PC, yes that’s right this game allows all consoles and PC users to play off against each other. THQ Inc. today announced Homefront, a new First Person Shooter […]

Which Xbox360 game should I get?

The Elder Scrolls IV:Oblivion or Gears of War?I want a game that will keep me occupied for a LONG time(I can only afford one game).I can't decide with the Gamespot reviews (both got a 9.6).Which would you get in my situation? both will keep you occupied for awhile. ive played both.

How come the same games for both systems (xbox360 & ps3).

The 360 ones have better reviews? I dont understand this, and it was also the same in the last console generations, usually the xbox games were ranked higher than the ps2 version The problem comes with game developers haven't mastered the Playstation 3 yet. Their is nothing wrong with the playstation 3 and their is […]