How Do You Turn Off Action Replay Cheats In Pokemon Diamond?

i don’t have action replay but i was wondering if how do you turn off ur ds while using cheats?
for example, u want ur 999 Rare candies still in ur medicine bag on a NORMAL GAMEPLAY (not using AR) and the cheat “catching the trainers pokemon”? how do u turn off ur ds while your still on that cheat?

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4 Responses to “How Do You Turn Off Action Replay Cheats In Pokemon Diamond?”

  1. Your Favorite Soopahero says:

    Your question isn’t all that clear. Let’s try this:
    There are certain cheats that will be fine without AR, mainly item cheats. For example, I have a full pokedex and 995 masterballs with or without an AR. JUST REMEMBER TO SAVE AFTERWARDS.
    But for most of the other cheats, such as the catch other trainers pkmn, or the walk through walls cheat, you need the AR active. It WILL NOT work without the AR.
    Here’s a general rule of thumb. If the code hacks you memory file in any way(items, pokemon, pokedex etc.), just save and you’ll be fine. If the cheat actively hacks an aspect of the game (walking anywhere, instant KO in battles, super EXP gain, etc.), it won’t work without the AR. Sorry bud, it’s not gonna happen.

  2. AngelKit says:

    I’m not sure what you mean but if you’re talking about playing your cheats without Action Replay in your DS then you can’t do it. You can only play your Action Replay codes/cheats while your Action Replay is in your DS.

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