How Do Foreign Buyers Avoid Frauds And Cheats In China Market?

There are so many frauds and cheats in China market when foreign buyers purchase in China.

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5 Responses to “How Do Foreign Buyers Avoid Frauds And Cheats In China Market?”

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  2. medlarzh says:

    The point is the buyer is buying from a not reliable supplier, how to avoid bad suppliers:
    1. do not trust B2B web or other internet ,online information too much, need to be filtered by yourself,
    2.If you can afford, on-site audit is a must; if you are a small business, try to get an agent to do this for you.
    3.Buy quality products not buy cheap products, do not trust very very low prices.
    Professional Sourcing Manager

  3. l0_ha_l0 says:

    Forget about China!
    Go for India or Veitnam. How about Sri Lanka? The Indian speak English.

  4. G C says:

    You can’t. China makes its own rules as they go along, change rules as they come into question and just generally want to rule the world. Just look at recent happenings.

  5. yvonne m says:

    It’s quite difficult actually. You may contact trading agents or do business with Hong Kong companies as they are more reliable.

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