How Do People Find The Cheats For Video And Computer Games?

When I play the Sims 2 on the computer I sometimes look up cheats for it. And there are websites with a bunch of cheats that someone posted. How do people find all those cheats?

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4 Responses to “How Do People Find The Cheats For Video And Computer Games?”

  1. sparky_g says:

    Most are released by members of the company who know them because they’ve created them, but sometimes people extract information from the files of computer games, and in the source, it will tell you information written around code. They then decode and test on the computer games.

  2. --->Sara… says:

    they connect a computer to controller and computer is doing all combinations for ps2 when he found it the computer remember it and the user need to type that code to see whats for
    I think its that way but correct me if im wrong

  3. ReenterM says:

    gamesradar has some video game cheat but i doubt computer game cheats

  4. ibobby says: is a website that has tons of walkthrough/faqs and codes for almost all videogames.

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