How Many Tax Cheats Do You Think Hussein Obama Will Have On His Cabinet?

While he wants to raise our taxes and redistribute the wealth, he nominates a cabinet full of tax cheats. Is Hussein Obama a hypocrite?

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14 Responses to “How Many Tax Cheats Do You Think Hussein Obama Will Have On His Cabinet?”

  1. Rocky says:

    Pretty much all of them. You know damn well Democrats don’t pataxes!

  2. Louis Bourbon says:

    By “tax cheat” I am assuming that you are referring to one who commits the crimes of tax evasion and tax fraud. These are specific intent crimes, which means that the tax evader must have had the specific intention of defrauding the IRS out of tax payments. This does not appear to be the case with any of President Obama’s cabinet members.
    I don’t think you have to worry about tax increases, and most Americans will benefit from closing the gap between the wealthiest americans and the middle class.

  3. alarmist says:

    Yesterday’s Washington Post listed just a few cheaters appointed by Republicans. It’s hardly a Democrat thing. It seems to be just a rich powerful people thing, unfortunately.
    Former White House official Mike Deaver is photographed lobbying while sitting in a limo, and the image becomes Time magazine’s cover. Ronald Reagan’s pal is slammed for influence peddling and convicted on three counts of perjury for false testimony to Congress and a grand jury.
    White House Chief of Staff John Sununu resigns after taking a government limo from Washington to a rare-stamp auction in New York, sending the car and driver back alone and flying back to D.C. on a corporate jet.
    FBI Director William Sessions gets fired after the Justice Department accuses him of ethics violations. Topping the list? Letting his wife use official cars for trips to the hairdresser and dressmaker and to go shopping.

  4. lorenceh says:

    As many as is Public Office right now. So far we have had 4 nominees that came under fire for tax evasion, and the Dem’s claiming that it is alittle “error” or “road bump”. Then you have the Gov that was impeached for trying to sell a Senate Seat. Then with the last president, you had liars, cheats, and the redefining of what “is” means….and you expect the Muslim that bought his way to the White House to have decent people in his cabinet? The same Muslim that has DOUBLED HIS SECRET SERVICE ATTATCHMENT to keep him alive for fear of assassination. He is just another LIBERAL MUSLIM that thinks that anyone other then himself is lower then him…and we should all just worship him and everything would be fine while he and his friends live the good life and get drunk with all of their power.

  5. Philip H says:

    All of them?
    Democrats have NO idea how an economy functions. The evidence of that is overwhelming. Just look at any aspect of what they have done and on every item you can see how their plan just doesn’t add up to anything that makes economic sense. (Unless you you buy into some of their crazy reverse definitions like: “Less is More” or “Debt equals Prosperity”.)

  6. г๏๓คгє says:

    Who cares? They have all publicly admitted they made mistakes, two of the three have withdrawn, they have all paid the taxes owed, and Obama himself has admitted he made mistakes. When was the last time you saw this kind of behavior from an administration or from nominees?

  7. Angel Of Death says:

    At least two of them had the good grace to drop out.My guess is that they dropped out because what we knew about was just the tip of the iceberg.
    But at least now we know why Dems don’t have a problem with massive Tax Increases,they don’t pay them!

  8. pumpkins says:

    I would rather have the best qualified person with a bit of controversy than a sub par person with a clean record. And just so you know, it’s President Obama.

  9. paul p says:

    Will or does. Probably has at least 80% in service now. Bet he’s scared to death to talk to his Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel who keeps funneling these tax cheats to be affirmed by the Dumbocrat Senate.

  10. SonicZ3r says:

    All of them including Obama

  11. whimsy says:

    Seems to me, most of them removed themselves from consideration.
    You should follow the news more closely

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  13. Hiroshima, Get Over it says:

    All but one — the Republican.

  14. Ptah says:

    I think he ran out of Democrats to nominate…

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