How Can I Make Gameshark Cheats Work In A Gba Emulator?

Hi. I’m using a gba emulator on the pc to play Pokemon emerald, and i dont know how to make the cheats work on it….. Actually I try using them but nothing happen. How do you activate the cheats? And which value should I enter in? Thanks alot.
Also, what do i have to do to make them work, thanks!

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  1. Empire53 says:

    First of all, which emulator are you using? The method to enter cheats differs on different emulators.
    The most popular is VisualBoy Advance (VBA). Gameshark and Codebreaker cheats can be entered via the Cheats menu.
    However, the codes that work for Gameshark on the actual Gameboy don’t apply to VBA; VBA has its own set of codes that work only on itself. Unfortunately, most of the cheats for the Gameboy aren’t available for the emulator.
    The ones that do work, however, can be found here (along with ones for the Gameboy Advance):…
    Codebreaker cheats can also be used:… (Just Ctrl+F for ‘VBA’ or ‘Codebreaker’).

  2. CarpeDie says:

    dos not make sense

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