NEW Nintendo Wii System

NEW Nintendo Wii System + 2 x Wii Remotes + 2 x Wii Nunchuks + Wii Sports Game + Wii Mario & Sonic Olympic Games

Please Note: We can only ship to billing address for this item. Any addresses other than billing will be delayed or cancelled. This item comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty and is a non-refundable item. The Wii is taking the gaming scene by storm. With Nintendo’s new generation motion sensory technology & a slew of family favorite Nintendo franchises, the Wii is a welcomed addition to any gamer’s collection. Includes: Nintendo Wii System Wii Console Stand 2 x Wii Nunchuk 2 x Wii Remote Controllers Sensor Adapter Wii AV Cables Wii AC Adapter 1 x Wii Sports Compilation Game 1 x Wii Mario & Sonic Olympic Games Please note: All Wii systems are shipped insured and signature required. Here is how Wii remote controller works: How to hold Wii remote and Wii Nunchuk: Packaging: Nintendo Wii allows up to 4 players to play simultaneously. In order to do that, you will need additional set of Nintendo Wii remote and nunchuck for each player.       Wii Sports Screenshots:       Wii Sports Boxing Wii Sports Bowling Wii Sports Golf Wii Sports Baseball Wii Sports Tennis


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