Should i install a Game which has a cracked disk on my Xbox?

Ok .. I done the silly technique where you put scotch tape all over the disk crack and it works and is readable.

Um.. Then i began installing the game to Hard Drive .. but then i kinda Chickened-out at 25% having horrible visualisations of the disk exploding.

I checked the disk and nothing was different before i put it in.. so what should i do ?

The disc won't explode.

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8 Responses to “Should i install a Game which has a cracked disk on my Xbox?”

  1. Sam G says:

    The disc won't explode.References : The mythbusters tried it. They had to get like 9000 RPM with a heavily scratched disc. The Xbox3/XB360 cannot do 9000 RPM or even close.

  2. flossafeee says:

    no it might fuk it up even more… soo i say no… google it to see forms for a better answerReferences :

  3. Matthew L says:

    install, you're fineReferences :

  4. Pietro4president says:

    dude scoth tape ??!?!?! o_0 i would have never thunk that well if the disc chickened out then stop dude your precious xbox could get something you dont want ( THE RED RING OF DEATH)References : jehehe mi head

  5. Sean says:

    I highly don't recommend it because you can always buy another game, but a Xbox is harder to replace.References :

  6. corculine says:

    Absolutely not. To be sure, consult a game professional (at game stores and stuff) and it doesn't matter if it has worked for other people. You can't be positive, and if you want your game to NOT explode, I suggest you tell somebody. As in an adult that knows what they're doing.References :

  7. Cameron R says:

    only install it to the hard drive if its necessary
    it shouldn't ham the disc
    the disc wont explode but remember the disc is still needed to play the game even if its installed to hard drive.
    personally i would install it though i have actually got a disc like yours which i installed to hard drive it worked fine.References :

  8. DizziKid says:

    I suggest you don't but if you do your disc wont explode but your console might
    hope I helpedReferences :

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