Can i make a Crack for a computer game on my own?

i have this old game called 3-d ultra pinball creep night and it wont run without haveing the cd in, is there a way i can use the files on the cd to make a crack so it will run without it? if so how?

check if the site bellow helps


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  1. DMZ says:

    check if the site bellow helps :

  2. hotwild_n_crazy says:

    You can download Daemon Tools.

    Then you use the program to create an image of the CD Rom, then you mount the image to a virtual drive and then the game should read the virtual drive to play.

    If you don't understand these instructions (which you might not if you aren't looking at the program) then there are lots of tutorials on the internet regarding this program.

    You do need a decent sized hard drive, because the image of the disk will be upto 700mb in size (size of a CD Rom, or 4.7GB the size of a DVD Rom)References : I used to use daemon tools until Sims 2 put securom on my computer and now no-cd hacks and drive emulation software do not work.
    So watch out is you have got recent games from EA Games. If so there will be nothing you can do until you remove Securom. If you need to do this, email me and I will send you a link to remove Securom.

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