Xbox 360 Console

Xbox 360 Console
The followup to Microsoft’s Xbox debut into the video game console market, Xbox 360 was first officially unveiled in a halfhour promotional program that aired May 12, 2005, on MTV, and was further revealed at the 11th annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), held the following week.

The Xbox 360 is smaller and sleeker than its predecessor, and can be operated in a horizontal or vertical position, similar to the PlayStation 2. The Xbox 360 was designed according to an “inhaling gesture” concept, and the longer edges of the console’s front profile are slightly concave. The case is a silvery white color, but the unit accepts swappable face plates, available in a variety of colors and styles.

The front of the console features two slots for memory cards and two USB ports. No physical controller ports are required, as all Xbox 360 controllers are wireless. The standard Xbox 360 controller is similar in design to the “S”style controllers manufactured for the original Xbox, though the “black” and “white” buttons have been moved to the spine of the device, as triggers. A globular, greenlit button on the center of the controller offers gamers quick access to the console’s builtin user interface, which is similar to the original Xbox’s “dashboard” but far more extensive. The standard Xbox 360 controller is manufactured in silvery white plastic, to match the console.

Xbox 360 uses a threecore, IBMdesigned processor that runs at 3.2GHz and is protected by a watercooled heatsink. The machine’s graphics processor was designed by ATI, and features 10MB of imbedded DRAM. The unit has 512MB GDDR3 RAM, which is shared by the CPU and the graphics processor. A portable, 20GB hard drive attaches to the back of the console.

The Xbox 360 is backwardcompatible with the most popular games for the original Xbox, and the machine can also play standard DVD movies and audio CDs, and read MP3 sound files and JPEG image files. The 360 is designed for easy LAN connections to contemporary Windowsbased PCs, and an available remote control device supports the console’s “Media Center”style functions.

Of course, the nature of the games created for play on Xbox 360 will always depend on the skill and creativity of developers, but the console has been designed and marketed to encourage a few general themes which were established by the original Xbox. All Xbox 360 games are “Live Aware,” allowing broadbandconnected gamers to receive score updates and friends list notices, no matter which 360 game they’re currently playing. Support for highdefinition display and 5.1 surround sound are also requirements of all 360 games. ~ T.J. Deci, All Game Guide

Product Specification :

Platform :Xbox 360
Hard Drive :Yes
Hard Drive Size :20 GB
Installed Memory :512 MB
Accessories Included :20GB external hard drive, Component HD AV cable, Ethernet network cable, Wireless controller, Xbox Live headset
Processor :PowerPC
Processor Speed :3.2 GHz
Sound Supported :Surround Sound
Game Media :DVD-ROM
Slot Types Provided :Memory
Connector Type(s) :1 x AV cable port, 3 x USB 2.0, 1 x Ethernet ( RJ-45 )


10 Responses to “Xbox 360 Console”

  1. lsconstr says:

    its realy great console if you looking for some serios gaming, its louder compared to playstation, and you have to leave couple inches around it – its needs ventilation, have mine for 1 1/2 years now with a lot of hours of gaming everyday and so far no problems, would recomend to anyone.Pro : awesome graphics, comfortable controls, xbox liveCon : needs room aroud to ventilate

  2. says:

    As a hardcore gamer there's nothing I like more then a console that delivers, and the 360 does. Being the cheapest console on market, it's a smart choice for anyone looking for an inexpensive gaming console, and it's huge library means you wont be running out of games to play any time soon. With great games like Fable 2, Fallout 3, Mass Effect, and Halo 3, the 360 has something great for all hardcore gamers. And games like Lego StarWars, Rock Band 2, and the XBOX Live Arcade, are fun to play no matter how old or young you are. I recommend the 360 to anyone looking for a good gaming experience.Pro : Power, Graphics, Game Library, InexpensiveCon : Addictive, RROD

  3. mehalic4576 says:

    The xbox360 is awesome. It has great games and can hook up to HD TV. Xbox live is cool because you can challenge your friends or you can buy upgrades for games.Pro : everythingCon : can overheat easily

  4. sinbad68101 says:

    This is a great video game console with lots of games to choose from and a great online community feature known as Xbox Live. I had to return my first unit because it stopped working after 10 months, but Microsoft took care of it free of charge and I have been problem free ever since.Pro : Hard drive, connects to PC, lots of games, xbox liveCon : Profile sign in a must to play downloaded content

  5. fernandov78 says:

    Ive had a 360 for 3 years now and until now has had no problems, and if you do have a problem you can send it in to microsoft free of charge for repairs or replacement. With Xbox live you can make any game fun,theres always someone to play with around the world.Pro : Most Online players out of all consolesCon : needs to be kept well ventilated

  6. saxman0993 says:

    The Xbox 360 is just an awesome console to own. It has great graphics, games, and is awesome for any hardcore gamer out there. With games like Assassian's Creed, Halo, GRAW, Lost Planet, and Mass Effect this is a must have for every hardcore gamer out there. The only bad this is that it can be expensive, and not really a family oriented console. Though online play is great and there is a lot of downloadable out there for the 360.Pro : Great Graphics, Games, Great for Hardcore gamersCon : Not for family, can be a lot to buy

  7. Yahoo! Shopping User says:

    This system is great, when it works. Those that have had the system for awhile know of the red blinking lights and had to send their systems in for repair. A big hint is that Microsoft extended the warranty on this system should indicate problems already. –Cons– It is prone to overheating, red-blinking lights indicating hardware issues which requires you to send back for repair, hence the extended warranty. Also I have had issues with discs being unreadable. I'll be in a middle of a game and all of a sudden the game will stop and a message will pop up saying the disc is unreadable. Try getting Microsoft to help you with that, because I haven't had much luck. -Pros– But of course the system is great… when it works. Great graphics, great games out for the system, and xbox live (much easier to use than ps3's system). Yes i bought a ps3 after my numerous issues with my 360.Pro : Great Graphics, Tons of great gamesCon : Overheats, tends to work when it wants to

  8. z66 says:

    Fantastic system. On par with or beats the PS 3 in every way and not nearly as expensive. One version is even $50 less than the WII, and with 3 of the best games ever, Halo 3 and Gears of War (1 and 2), exclusive to this system, and a huge library of games to go with it, it's about as good as a game console can get. Now you can even stream your Netflix account to it. Hands down, the best console on the market.Pro : Great Graphics & Dolby Digital Sound, Massive Library, Great Exclusive Titles, Xbox LiveCon : No Built-In WiFi

  9. romj545 says:

    I have a xbox 360 with the falcon chipset in it (175 W power brick rating). Does not & will not overheat, ever!! I play the PS3 & Xbox 360 & the 360 kicks PS3's behind!!! The controller is better, the games are better, everything is better!!!!Pro : Superior graphics & games!!!Con : NONE

  10. andywatts says:

    Love my Xbox 360. There's lot of high quality games available for it and playing multiplayer over the Internet has never been so easy.Pro : Lots of games, excellent online gamingCon : online gaming carries a fee

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