Sony PSP Value Pack Console

Sony PSP Value Pack Console


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  1. nsorens says:

    The PSP's screen has to be seen to be believed. Watching movies and playing games on it makes you forget you're looking at a handheld. The PSP is essentially a portable PS2, in terms of processing power. It is the most powerful handheld gaming system out, far outstripping Nintendo's offerings. It plays UMD format movies, and you can also copy MPEG-4 encoded movies, as well as MP3 and ATRAC3 audio, to the memory stick and play them on your PSP. The battery life can be a little short for some people, but the few who need to be ableto use it for more than 4-6 hours at a time can buy accessories that give the PSP 2-3X more battery life. At the moment, the game selection is not as large as that of other handheld and console systems, but it is very large for a system that has just launched.Pro : Awesome screen, powerful game hardware, play movies/musicCon : expensive

  2. espijj says:

    This is well worth the wait!!! They could of made a little better directional control… After a couple of hours playing you can't move yout left thumb.. But it's worth the pain.. And it cheaper the that pod thing, and you can put pictures on it. As long as you get a bigger memory.. It's a must have for going on a Deployment. Send one to a troop.Pro : Games have awsome graphics. Movies are excellent, The pics and music nice addition.Con : Battery life. and Directional Controls, Not enought games out.

  3. nyplaya33 says:

    Ok so the price could be better. But dont compare this to a Nintendo DS. I have both and the PSP and DS are on completely different levels. DS is cool if you want to interact with your games via the touch screen, or play classic games like Castlevania for Metroid. But the hardcore gamer will NEED, YES NEED the PSP. After buying it, its well worth its $250 price tag. You get A game player, a movie player, an MP3/MP4 player, photo, wi-fi. The DS for 100 bucks only lets you play games and wi-fi. So for 100 bucks more you get 3 more utilities. Not a bad deal when you think about how much a mp3 player costs. I would like the games to cost less, but after playing Tony Hawk's Remix 2 I can understand why Sony thinks people would buy them regardless. The graphics are KICK ASS. Get at least a 256mb memory card and your'e set, its the ultimate multi media center. And yes you can even plug it into your PS2.Pro : Graphics, Movies, Music, PicturesCon : Price

  4. maikal22 says:

    Overall i would say that this has got to be one of the best things that i have purchased…ever. i bought it yesterday and have brought it into my work to show everyone and the moment they saw the amazing machine they were counting thier pennies. Unfortunatley, they are going to need a lot of pennies to get this PSP. I would say that even though VERY EXPENSIVE i am happy with my purchase and have no buyers remorse. I will probably not have a lot of groceries this weekend but i needed to lose some pounds anyway so it all works out in the end. I reallly just want to focus on some negatives, as most of the positives have already been listed many times over on this forum. When holding the PSP you have no choice but to treat it like a porcelain (sp?) doll. It is very fragile and that, of course, will make anyone nervous, espeacially because i don't have anothe 250 to fork out for another one. The movie selection is very small, which of course, will be more full later but as of right now a little limited, and the choices seem to be for a demographic which only includes junior high kids. Which brings me to my next point. This machine doesn't seem to be for a younger age group. even though there are games to be played it seems like it is geared towards people 18+. My last negative i could think of is i am not a very computer savvy person and a lot of the bonus features like downloading music and digital pictures is something i can't personally enjoy, at least not now anyway. With all that being said…GO BUY THIS NOW!!! The only people i see that are complaining about this PSP are people who have a creepy bias in favor of Nintendo or people who are just freakeshly jealous of people who own one. You will not regret this purchase.Pro : Astounding graphics, great sound and having everyone who doesn't own one being very jealous of me.Con : very expensive – very fragile and hand cramps like you wouldn't belive

  5. rbenaderet says:

    The PSP is amazing. I was going to buy a PS2, but this one works the same and it fits my Nomad type of life. The screen is the coolest thing ever. It is like carrying around a little plasma TV. My only concerns are with breaking it and the number of movie titles that will come out. The more people that invest in a unit the better that this thing will become.Pro : Portable, Beautiful Amazing Screen, Size of UnitCon : Worrying about breaking it

  6. yeah125yeah says:

    The only thing that I can say is that Sony outdone themselves with these new product. To the people that are contemplating into buying this new device, the only thing that I have to say is that it is really worth the money. When watching Spiderman 2, you can definitely say that the picture quality of the PSP it's so great, that I don't think that any portable DVD player in the market comes close to the picture quality that the PSP has to offer. The games look awesome, it is very bright and the collection of games is very attracting. The headphones that come with the PSP have one of the best sound qualities that I've ever heard. Even though everything is great with the PSP, there are two things that I don't like about the PSP; the battery life and the analog stick. I personally don't see the point of the analog stick on the PSP and the battery is good, but it's not great. Overall, I think the price is very reasonable and I think that the PSP is worth the money. I will definitely recommend anyone to get it, because it will meet and surpass any expectations that you have on this gadget. GO OUT AND GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Pro : The screen, the collection of games, the bundle, the mp3, the movies and everything that it has to offerCon : the analog stick and the battery life

  7. chrisgentz says:

    Most peoples first reaction when debating to buy will be yeah but what about the price? Well I had the same concern when comparing it to the nintendo DS, but after making the plunge I realize it was probably worth much more than I paid. After taking it out of the box there is a serious WOW factor involved, the widescreen draws you in and its not bad to watch a movie on either. The fact that it has the ability to download pictures, movies, videos, mp3 on the memory card out of the box and has wireless connectivity just makes this an immensely versatile little machine. Add in the analog nub as well as d-pad for gameplay and youve got yourself a serious gaming machine! The graphices are impressive, gameplay is fantastic it goes way past anything done on a handheld and is on par with a home system. The only drawback is the sound is a bit lacking for movies, sure you can plug in the supplied headphones (much better) or buy a stereo stand to watch on but the movie aspect is one thats not going to drive this as a reason to buy anyway. For games the sound seems more than adequit and the soundtracks on the games are outstanding and very to date with the current scene and should appeal to most tastes. As a movie/game/picture/music portable device its hard to knock but like anything else if you try hard enough you can find something and that something is that to drive such a device it takes alot of juice and the battery while not terrible is a bit short if your used to the gameboy or want to watch alot of movies. Sony is investing heavily in R&D in battery development so they may have something in the pike sometime soon, but 3rd party developers have picked up on this and pelican offers a powerbrick that will charge your psp battery an additional two times or allow you to hook directly and keep playing. It is small, light and only 19.95 and I highly recommend if your serious about getting a psp. On the whole there are not going to be too many people that once they get ahold of this are disapointed and as such sony cant make enough to keep up with demand. But if your doing your research before dropping that kind of cash, expect to be wowed by the display, impressed by the graphics, consumed by the gameplay, annoyed at the battery and at the end of the day happy that you chose a sony psp.Pro : Excellent gameplay and universally coolCon : poor battery life

  8. infinity02003 says:

    AMAZING. I got this little gizmo for my brother the day it came out. But when I took it out of the box, I could keep my hands off of it. The amazing little gadget can do anything I can think of, play music, pictures, movies, and beautiful games. Also, it is upgradeable. This is a much more versitle tool than the DS. If you can drop a few bucks, go buy it now!! I mean NOW!Pro : Stunning Graphics that got me a hot girlfriendCon : Short battary life, but i hear Sony is releasing a better one soon. PRICEY! WATCH OUT PEOPLE TRY TO SELL THEM FOR WAY MORE THAN ITS WORTH! (250-310)MAX!

  9. mikeyv427 says:

    I won't say the battery life is a con because what handheld system has a long battery life? And don't talk to me about XBOX!!! All they do is wait to see what Sony does and mimic it. They'll come out with a handheld game, and yeah it will probably do more, but why do you want to buy from a game system that bites off another. Go with the original and Sony is the original. Iv'e already bought two. One for me and one for my wife. That's right, my wife. I bought MVP Baseball and I haven't put it down yet. And yes, I have it on my PS2 and my PSP, but who cares. Best 80 bucks I ever spent!!! I'd rather spend my dough on a real game system than on a poser like XBOX. And if you XBOX clowns have a problem with that, just let me know. XBOX can bring out their handheld and I'll just laugh. Because all it will be is a regergitated, paper copy version on what Sony has perfected, the handheld game system. Something the DS, Gameboy, or Game Gear couldn't do. So XBOX, don't even try it!!! OUT!!!Pro : Cool graphics @ your finger tipsCon : They don't have "Hitman" out yet (that I know of).

  10. supirball6 says:

    In 4 easy words "greatest portable system yet!!!"Pro : it plays music, movie, and game, and is wirelessCon : cost $249

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