Sony PlayStation 3 80GB Limited Edition MotorStorm Pack Console

Sony PlayStation 3 80GB Limited Edition MotorStorm Pack Console
Featuring an expanded hard disk drive (HDD), the new 80GB PS3 is designed to appeal to the online gaming and entertainment enthusiast, providing ample storage space to download more games and other entertainment content from PLAYSTATION Network. There are currently more than 60 playable games and game-related downloads available through PLAYSTATION Store, with expanded entertainment content coming soon. The new model features the million-selling game MotorStorm in the box, allowing up to 12 players to play online at one time, hitting the dirt in this visually-arresting, fast-paced racing title.

Product Specification :

Platform :PlayStation 3
Wireless Type :Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Hard Drive :Yes
Hard Drive Size :80 GB
Installed Memory :256 MB
Processor :Cell Broadband Engine
Slot Types Provided :CompactFlash Card, Memory Stick, SD Memory Card
Connector Type(s) :4 x USB, 1 x network, 1 x HDMI output, 1 x PlayStation 3 AV output, 1 x SPDIF output ( TOSLINK )<


10 Responses to “Sony PlayStation 3 80GB Limited Edition MotorStorm Pack Console”

  1. raiderz_101 says:

    Nothing out there beats this console, i enjoy my 80 gb version sooo much, i originally wanted the 40 gb , but the 80gb was all walmart had left in stock. 🙂 I have always been a sony fan, from the first PS,PS2 , Now PS3! Although i need to get an HDTV, im sure the graphics will be MUCh better there. the thing that pisses me off is when people say that PS3 is a crappy console. 1. Sony never had an over heating issue with any of its consoles,except skinny PS2.**cough**xbox 360**cough** 2. Blu-ray is built into the console, so if i get a HDTV, im sooo using my PS3 for movies, instead of crappy HD-DVD. 3. The Wii has the worst graphics i have ever seen. yet Nintendo is still struggling with 3D graphics. ALL IN ALL! PS3 IS SUPERIOR TO ALL CONSOLES!! DO NOT DOUBT WHEN YOU CHOOSE TO BUY A PS3.Pro : Everything , i really like how you can customize the XMB, and i can connect to my PC from my PS3 to stream my music cds!Con : Nothing, except it annoys me when people say the Wii and Xbox is better. Recomend a HDTV

  2. michaeljpitts says:

    Easily one of th best machine ever made for the home. And the most powerful home machine ever. The only currant problem is, developers are not quite schooled enough to grab the potential of the machine yet, And they admit it. So games look about equal the the far less powerful 360. Its also the cheapest High Definition Blu Ray player out, that just happens to be a super power game machine. Also its vary reliable. You wont get any red rings with this one. And you wont need to send it back 3 times a year. Plus all us 30 some gamers know. Your gonna be buying it latter anyways, when peopeel realize more about whats going to do. So its a own it now, or own it latter thing. Its just whoever long it takes the public to realize the truth about gaming. Wii or PS3, two great buys. But two totally different machines. If you don't buy it this year, Its almost a sure bet you get it next year. Your choice. It is the real deal, not a super info commercial.Pro : Most powerful home system ever made, wont have to send it in for repairs 3 times a yearCon : Tech is so far ahead, Its ahead of many of the currant developers.

  3. Yahoo! Shopping User says:

    The PS3 has the Blu-ray Player built-in and it can play the older PS1 & 2 games(but not all). Select games has the capability to play full Hi-Def(1080P) but even at 720p everything looks crisp and clear. You can easily switch the system to connect wirelessly to your internet connection instead of wired. The system is also very quiet except when the fan turns on if the system gets hot (not often). Everything about the system is excellent. The Xbox360 on the other hand isn't that great. Sure it has some good games now. However the fans are always on and loud. You have to buy a wireless adapter to go wireless, buy a HD-Player for HD Movies that are no longer competition to Bluray, and pay a subscribtion fee to play online. After paying for all that you pay the price or more of a PS3 that has all of that.Pro : EverythingCon : Price

  4. pjbrown915 says:

    My PS3 broke down after about 6 months of use. I had to wait 3 weeks until it was repaired by Sony. It just recently broke down again!!! The warranty expired 15 days ago and they want me to pay 150$ to fix the PS3 again. This is terrible. I strongly warn any buyers.Pro : Most powerful machine, Blu-RayCon : Not reliable. Price.

  5. koreandrummer12 says:

    The graphics are the best and the sound quality make the game feel real A great thing about The PLAYSTATION®3 MotorStorm™ Game Pack is that it is compatible with your PLAYSTATION®2 games which saves you more money in a way. I highly recommend buying Call of Duty®4 Modern Warfare. The experience is realistic.Pro : Best GraphicsCon : A little big

  6. dbline2 says:

    I've had my PS3 for a few months now. It is absolutly amazing. I also got a Wii for Christmas but I've only played my PS3 since then specially since i got Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. In my opinion the best war game ever made. But back to the PS3. At the heart of the PS3 is a powerful chip with 3.2GHz. The PS3 also has full 80GBs of memory. Enough memory to save plenty of the games they sale at the playstationstore online.Pro : the graphics will take your breath away, wirless, free online gamingCon : price

  7. jeenxavier says:

    Its the best and the only the best.Music,Net and our very own games.This is all for and the more of the best.Sony Play Station3 80GB.Pro : The Only Best!Con : Best of the product

  8. jleep82 says:

    The Sony PS3 is the most technologically advanced gaming system on the market today. It is far superior to the Xbox 360 which cant even touch the potential that the PS3 has. There are many games being released this year (2008) that many people are anxously awaiting, on top of that is the release of the Playstation Home (a Second Life like virtual world. You get FREE access to the playstation network, rechargable controllers (no replacing batteries here folks), and a blu-ray player…and we all know blu-ray just won the HD wars!!! With the different GB versions of PS3 there is one for everyone…from those that only want it for the blu-ray player, to the serious gamers that need that extra storage space….plus if you need even more storage space you can purchase a laptop harddrive and be good to go…all in all a great system to own and show off to the friends and family!Pro : Best system on the marketCon : price can hit the bank acct a bit

  9. ushawnharrington says:

    you need to go down on the price and maybe your sales will get better think about itPro : coolCon : cool

  10. evanmoore66 says:

    you can do practicly any thing with this thing. graphics are so good they make you feel like your actualy in the game! to some people it maby pricy but it is worth it, it is the "BEST BUY". there maby few game but just wait till march people, GRAND THEFT AUTO 4 IS COMING SOON AND FAST. get ahead of everyone else and preorder it to day, its worth it.Pro : everything rules on this thing.Con : the ONLY COMMON problem that i see that most youtubers have are HDMI problems. the deal with that is that the game takes a little longer to load.

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