How Do You Turn Off Action Replay Cheats In Pokemon Diamond?

i don’t have action replay but i was wondering if how do you turn off ur ds while using cheats? for example, u want ur 999 Rare candies still in ur medicine bag on a NORMAL GAMEPLAY (not using AR) and the cheat “catching the trainers pokemon”? how do u turn off ur ds while […]

How Do Foreign Buyers Avoid Frauds And Cheats In China Market?

There are so many frauds and cheats in China market when foreign buyers purchase in China.

How Do People Find The Cheats For Video And Computer Games?

When I play the Sims 2 on the computer I sometimes look up cheats for it. And there are websites with a bunch of cheats that someone posted. How do people find all those cheats?

What Mercenaries 2 Cheats Are There That Actually Work?

I know there are cheats out there, but what cheats on Mercenaries actually work?

What Are Some Very Effective Cheats Or Tricks To Get Extra Money Or Experience?

Plz dont answer me the old trick of enclosing the farmer into two bales or fences. tell me the cheats that really work.

Who Knows Some Really Good Cheats For The Sims 2 Apart From Boolprop?

I am so board with my sims and I am looking for something interesting to do with them. Who knows and good cheats apart from boolprop testingcheatsenabled true?

Is It Possible To Use Computer Cheats With A Ps3 If You Use A Keyboard?

Every time i want to get a game, i keep wanting to get the ps3 version, but the computer versions have all of the cheats. If i hook up a keyboard to my ps3, can i access the cheat input thing and use the cheats. For example, for fallout 3 cheats?

What Good Cheats Are There On Farmville?

And i mean cheats that actually work, not that i have to download anything, and not planting crops, i mean cheats that gets your level up really easily! The neighbour same person method doesn’t work for me.

How Do I Turn Off Cheats In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 For Xbox 360 To Begin Getting Achievements Again?

I was messing around and use some cheats and now cant get any achievements. I even tried deleting all my saves and files for the game and starting over but I still cant get achievements. Does anybody know what to do here?

What Is The Exact Process To Entering Cheats In The Sims Bustin Out?

What roder should all the cheats be entered in, and, if possible, what are the cheats?