How to enter the game cheats into Sims Life Stories?

well this site has lots of cheats for the game, and it says to hit like ctrl+c to enter the codes. but i don't get it… like do yo9u hold the ctrl button and the c button down while you type it or what? srry i'm confused lol 😛 ok first you hold down […]

When playing an iso of a pc game do you need a crack even if you burn it?

I was hoping to play the game without a crack by just burning it. Is that possible? It depends on the quality of your iso file and your cd burner. But you probably won't need a crack if you have a descent burner or a medium to high quality iso.

For ultiamte spiderman game for the cheats how do you activate themI?

I mean i know the cheats but do I need to beat the game to use the all character cheat? and also does that cheat unlock characters or just there mini-bios? and if it does unlock them is it possible to use them in story mode or do you have to use them in free […]

What are the codes for all the NES game cheats in Animal Crossing for Gamecube?


In the gameboy catz game how do i get all the stats to 4 with out cheats?

mood is no problem, but friend punch and looks are a bit harder to get to lvl 4 in 14 days game time. are there any in game cheats or hints i can use to get them up quicker? also whats the best breed of cat to have? out of them all that is I […]

What is the best website for good video game cheats that work?

I know a few websites that MIGHT work.

How do you install a torrent game with Alcohol %120?

I downloaded Civilization 4 off of BitTorrent (I have the disc, but it cracked and won’t work) and I could only find the ‘cracked’ game. I don’t know how to use Alcohol %120, and I can’t use Daemon Tools (my computer doesn’t run with it). Can somebody please tell me how to install the game. […]

How do i get a crack for pes6 and replace the game with crack please give me step to step how to do it?

I have this game called pro evolution soccer 6 and i broke my CD by mistake:( so now i am trying to it without the cd so please anyone will be kind enough to answer me and help me please tell me i can't w8 to play and thankxxxxxxxxxxxxx verrrrrryyyyyyyy much Idk

Game Cracks,Keygens and CD keys?

Could any one who knows good sites to the following write the site name and what they for. Whoever gives me the most sites i will vote for and ask people to vote for them……(: there r sites like

How to crack a game so you don't need a disk to start it up anymore?

I want to use a crack so that I can play Sim City 4 Deluxe Edition without using the disk to start the game every time. Install the game – Full Installation. Apply the official SimCity 4: Deluxe Edition v1.1.638 Patch. Replace the original SIMCITY 4.EXE file with the one from the File Archive. Play […]