Can anyone tell me if there is any game cheats for Fairly Odd Parents : Breakin Da Rules?

I got this game and my kids and I both (ah hem) suk, lol. Im wondering if there are any game cheats for the PC platform for this game? Fairly Odd Parents Breakin' Da Rules……. thanks i know there is level cheats on console versions my site doesnt have anything listed for pc though

Sony PSP Value Pack Console


where do I find the crack for the game Tarr Chronicles?

I can not play up the image of the CD with Daemon Tools because the game does not start. I have already installed the patch but does not right. If there is even a crack at some of the game site and I'll be happy grateful to anyone who can help me. If your […]

How do you activate the cheats for the transformer game on wii?

i bought the game and got cheats off of ign but they don't seem to work LOOK HERE!

Sony PSP Slim & Lite Console

The PSP Slim & Lite is a natural design evolution for the PSP system. It also includes a video output, which means that your PSP can now be connected to a TV, enabling you to play, share and

What program do you use to run a crack on a game?i bought a cd with cracks of games;i don't know what to do.

how to run cracks on games Cracks are copied and pasted on the game file – your computer game file. SO over write the old crack with the new ones – which is in the CD. – copy crack – paste it in the game file – run the game 🙂

Where to find game cheats, walkthroughs, and secrets?!?

What site has the best game cheats, complete walkthroughs, and show any extra items or endings that a game has? I'm willing to sign up for whatever, but not to pay for a site! Thanks, ~Saki heres an awesome site for quides from cheates to unlockables to walktru's.

What are game cracks?

well… the topic already asked the question so yeah… Most games require some sort of CD key, serial number, or CD-in-drive to play. This makes those who did not buy the game unable to play even if they have the program (possibly by copying, downloading, or borrowing.) A game crack cracks that requirement. There are […]

What is the helicopter game cheats?

Any 1 played the copter game, what is the cheat for that game to get a high score, i tryed youtube very Bad instructions. Person who answers the question gets 10 points!! Thanks When i mean the copter game i mean the game where you are green and click to go higher and release to […]

In Sims2 for PC, can you install a purchased expansion pack when the first game was cracked?

I tried installing Family Fun Stuff and it asked for the fourth disk of Sims2, then it found an error and uninstalled. I'm wondering if anyone has tried installing a purchased copy of an expansion pack on a cracked game… I don't want to open the package if I'm going to want to return it. […]