Homefront – released finally


It finally released  and we reviewed the beta  back (http://cheatuniverse.info/?p=328) June 2007, finally it has been completed and well the local game play is a bit disappointing to say the least. The beta was more playable and as the ability for multiple platforms to play each other , well let me say I am disappointed that this function has not been enabled in the final product. Single platform only..

I must say the online multiplayer is great good maps and options for battles, the local player option has too many predictable cut scenes and you have to follow the format exactly. One thing is that when you have it set on the insane top level it sets you up for the multiplayer session.


We tried the XBox 360 version and found you really need a wired controller as the delay on the wireless ones gets you fragged way too much, yes that’s right the couple of milliseconds enough to get you killed


Oh and if you want to borrow the game or lend it to a friend they will need to buy their own online key, this is not cool.

DC Universe Online – Be your own super hero or villian

DC Universe Online – Be your own super hero or villain

Yes that’s right a new game a hybtid of a FPS and MMG will hit the market on the 11-1-2011 (1-11-11 US) and it is a killer game. There a re rich graphics cool design engines learning AI and multiplayer. What more could you ask for her are some art shots from the game

I have pre-ordered a copy for PC -DVD, I am although a little dissapointed there is not an XBox360 version of the game it comes for PC-DVD (standard and collectors), PS3 (standard and collectors), I cannot wait to see how you the readers feel about the game.

Heres a bit of a tease
Also a cool vid from AU.Gamespot.Com



Well we have had a great year heaps of new games and the platforms did not disappoint. I personally have enjoyed COD and now Black Ops.

The writers and staff would like to take this to both thank all our readers and authors also to wish all a safe and happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

All the best,
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